10 Best Portable Ice Makers in 2021

There’s no going back once you’ve purchased the best ice maker. We’ve all been there: getting ready to enjoy an ice-cold beverage only to discover that someone (probably you) forgot to refill those pesky plastic ice trays.

Aside from being fiddly and messy, each tray only holds enough ice for one drink, so unless you have stacks of them taking up valuable freezer space, you’ll find yourself constantly refilling them when you’d rather be doing something else.

Don’t even get us started on the ice bags that can be refilled! When there are so many other easier, and surprisingly more cost-effective ice-making options available, why deal with ice cubes flinging across the kitchen or fingers freezing solid?

There is no longer any reason to torture ourselves in this way. Buying an ice maker will eliminate stale-tasting drinks by allowing you to make a fresh batch of ice every day in a matter of minutes.

Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers

1. GE Profile Opal – Best Nugget Ice Maker

GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

It’s possible that the GE Profile Opal is the only portable ice maker that makes nugget ice. As previously stated, nugget ice’s chewable texture makes it a great option for any beverage dispenser as well as anyone who enjoys chewing ice. If you have small children, this unit is well worth considering. Because nugget ice is soft and chewy, it is safe to use in your child’s drink without fear of choking.

On our list, the GE Profile Opal is the largest and heaviest countertop ice maker. It’s about 47 pounds and measures 17.5 by 16.5 inches. It’s about the size of a mini-refrigerator. Although the ice maker’s relatively large size takes up space, it does not cause the machine to work slowly. On average, producing nearly a pound of ice, enough for at least four small drinks, takes about an hour.

2. Igloo Countertop – Best Portable Ice Maker

Igloo-Countertop-Best Portable Ice Makers

Igloo’s retro-inspired countertop ice maker is a great choice for those who value style. This 9.6 x 14.7 x 12.4-inch mini machine produces nine small or large bullet cubes in seven minutes and can produce up to 26 pounds of ice per day (the inner basket can also store 2 pounds at once).

Fill the container with water (up to 3 quarts), select your cube size on the LED-illuminated control panel, and wait for your ice to appear—the ultra-quiet mechanism takes care of the rest. This countertop ice maker comes with a scoop for serving and an easily removable basket. The machine is also available in aqua, black, stainless steel, and white, in addition to red.

3. NewAir Portable Ice Maker – Best Countertop Ice Maker

NewAir Portable Ice Maker

This ice maker is a little smaller than our top pick, but it’s still a powerful machine that can produce up to 28 pounds of ice per day while taking up less counter space. It can make nine pieces of bullet-shaped ice in as little as six minutes, so you won’t have to wait long for fresh ice cubes to chill your favourite beverages or an ice bath to quickly cool blanched vegetables or hard-boiled eggs.

There are three different sizes of ice cubes to choose from, as well as an indicator light that indicates when it’s time to add more water. It doesn’t have a self-cleaning mode like its larger cousin, so you’ll have to unplug it and empty it to clean it the old-fashioned way. This ice maker is easy to use, portable for travel and camping trips, and consistent, according to reviewers.

4. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker – Best for Commercial Use

Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker

This Amazon best-selling commercial ice machine is a must-have for any restaurant, bar, café, or hotel, and if you have space, you’ll find it useful at home as well. Its under-$500 price is pretty impressive for what it offers—100 pounds of ice per day, an easy-to-operate LCD panel, three ice sizes, and quiet operation.

As one buyer put it, “With its quick ice production, this ice machine can keep up with filling coolers. Our ice needs have never been so easily met in our multi-generational home with six adults.” Another person added, “This machine is in use at my tavern/restaurant. On our busiest nights, it gets me by with plenty of ice!”

5. Euhomy Customizable Ice Maker Machine

Euhomy Customizable Ice Maker Machine

By pressing the “–“ and “+” buttons (up to six for the largest) for different thicknesses of ice, this machine can make thicker or thinner cubes. Each cycle produces 24 cubes and takes 12 to 18 minutes to complete, but the freezing time can be adjusted using the timer if desired. This machine can produce up to 40 pounds of ice per day, ensuring that a family’s ice needs are met throughout the day.

Sensors and indicators indicate when the ice basket is full and when the water reservoir is empty, and when the basket is full, it automatically stops making ice. Unused ice that melts is filtered to produce better-tasting ice before being returned to the reservoir and used to make new ice.

6. Aglucky Automatic Ice Maker Machine

Aglucky Automatic Ice Maker Machine

If you run out of ice, this small automatic ice machine can provide you with nine fresh cubes in just 6 to 8 minutes. This lightweight machine, which is Amazon’s Choice for best portable ice maker, can easily be carried outside for BBQs, days lounging by the pool, or even road trips.

One satisfied customer said, “This ice maker is very easy to use.” “It’s ideal for dinner parties and small gatherings. It also travels with us in our RV. It quickly freezes, which is convenient in the Florida heat.”

7. Frigidaire EFIC102 – Best Residential Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC102 – Best Residential Ice Maker

The Frigidaire is similar to our top pick in terms of functionality and size, but it is more expensive. It is mostly made of plastic and weighs 18.6 pounds with a footprint of 15.3 by 11.7 inches. In about six minutes, it makes nine-cube batches of ice, yielding about 1.1 pound of ice per hour— enough for 2-3 small drinks. Small and medium-sized “bullet” cubes are available to owners.

This model has a smaller storage bin that can hold up to 1.2 pounds of ice. There’s enough ice for 6-8 drinks with that amount. When the ice bin is full, the device sounds an alarm and turns off automatically to avoid overflowing.

8. hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine

hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine

This freestanding ice maker is ideal for barbecues and was designed for commercial use. It can produce up to 99 pounds of ice in 24 hours and store up to 29 pounds of ice at a time, ensuring that you always have enough.

By pressing the plus or minus buttons on the control panel, you can adjust the thickness of the ice and the freezing time, allowing you to customize the size and frequency of ice according to your needs. Despite its high output, it is only 17.6 x 15.7 x 31.4 inches in size, making it easy to fit in your kitchen or pantry without taking up too much room.

Customers love how simple it is to set up (it has a 1.2-liter water tank that needs to be connected to a water supply and drain) and how much ice it makes. This model comes with a water supply hose, a water draining hose, and an ice scoop.

9. EdgeStar Built-In Ice Maker – Best Undercounter Ice Maker

EdgeStar Built-In Ice Maker

This EdgeStar ice maker is built-in and compact, with a stylish stainless steel and black finish, and it comes at a reasonable price for both home and office use. This unit functions as a functional freezer for up to 6 pounds of ice at a time and can produce 12 pounds total over the course of 24 hours, thanks to a front-facing vent and reversible handled door.

This machine is controlled by a simple on/off switch, and it will even turn off when the ice bin is full. This ice maker fits under any countertop thanks to its dimensions of 15 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 26 inches high. This unit is also a freezer, so your ice will stay frozen.

10. IKICH Ice Maker Machine – Best Portable Ice Maker

IKICH Ice Maker Machine

This year, the IKICH is our pick for the best ice maker because it provides everything you’d expect in a high-quality package without breaking the bank. It’s one of our fastest ice makers, churning out nine-cube batches of bullet-shaped ice in under six minutes, enough for two or three small drinks. This equates to 1.0 pound of ice per hour, making it a very efficient method.

The ETL-certified ice maker comes in two sizes: small and medium, allowing users to select the right cube for their favorite beverage. It can make 1.5 pounds of ice at a time with a 2L water tank. (Although it has a smaller storage capacity than most of the other models on our list, it still holds enough ice for 5-7 drinks.)

What to Look for When Buying An Ice Maker


Ice makers are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small countertop models to those that take up a lot of floor space. Do you want to set up that countertop model in the kitchen every time you need to fill drinks for the family, or would you rather keep a large one running in the garage at all times?


How soon do you require your ice? The importance of speed is determined by whether you prefer to make a large amount of ice ahead of time or want a steady supply. Some machines can quickly provide the first ice, allowing you to get the party started, but if you don’t have enough ice storage space, an ice maker that can keep up with hourly demand is recommended.

Capacity of Ice Storage

You’ll have to keep removing the ice and storing it elsewhere if your ice maker can produce a lot of ice quickly but can’t hold much. That’s great if you plan ahead and keep an eye on the machine, but a machine with a larger storage capacity may be able to hold enough ice that you’ll never need to unload it to make room.

Ice Types and Sizes

Ice shapes such as bullets, nuggets, crescent, and cubes are available in portable ice makers. Which one best meets your requirements? Are you a fan of tiki or blended cocktails? A machine that makes nugget ice is what you’ll need. If you prefer your drinks to be stirred, a machine that produces slower-melting cubes is the way to go. Furthermore, not all ice makers provide a variety of ice size options. However, a select few can dispense up to three different sizes.

Ice Maker Types

Where do you think you’ll need ice the most? Are you planning a party on your patio, in your kitchen, or at your restaurant? Built-in ice makers not only have a larger storage capacity, but they can also blend in with the decor or be tucked away under a counter. Countertop models are smaller, but they come in handy when you only need a little more ice.

Additional Features

Some ice makers include not only a variety of ice sizes and thicknesses but also an automatic timer that allows you to set when you want your ice to be ready. There are also machines that come with a self-cleaning feature if you don’t want to clean your ice maker on a regular basis. Consider machines that can serve as both a water dispenser and an ice maker for one-stop drinking.

FAQ – Best Portable Ice Makers

How do Countertop ice makers work?

While each model differs, most ice makers begin by pumping water into the ice moulds. When the ice in the moulds has frozen, the ice maker monitors the freezing process and heats the moulds slightly to allow the ice to release easily and be ejected into the storage bin. The cycle continues as long as there is enough water and/or space in the bin for more ice.

Is a water line required for portable ice makers?

Most portable ice makers have a water reservoir and don’t require a dedicated water line because they’re designed to be portable. However, some commercial units that home users may choose do require a water line and, in some cases, a drain.

What is nugget ice?

Although nugget ice resembles crushed ice, it is not the same. Large cubes of ice are crushed into smaller pieces to make crushed ice. Nugget ice is made up of ice flakes that have been compacted to form nuggets. Crushed ice is hard and solid when bit into. The ice nuggets shatter.

What is bullet ice?

Bullet ice is shaped like a cylinder with one rounded end, giving it the appearance of a large bullet. The cylinder is frequently hollow, which means there is more surface area, allowing drinks to chill faster. Bullet ice is frequently cloudy or white, making it unsuitable for clear drinks.

Is it possible to keep ice frozen in a countertop ice maker?

The majority of countertop ice makers lack a freezer compartment for storing ice. Despite the fact that the bins are insulated, the ice will eventually melt. The water then drains back into the reservoir, where it can be re-frozen. Ice makers that are larger and more expensive may have a freezer section that keeps ice frozen.

Is it true that portable ice makers consume a lot of power?

Ice makers, depending on the model, do not typically consume a lot of energy. The draw varies depending on whether the ice maker is freezing, pumping, or heating the molds, and the range is fairly wide, ranging from 50 to 160 watts per hour on average.

Final Words

I hope you like any of the above-listed best portable ice makers. We have gathered the list by doing deep research. For more product reviews, stay tuned to our website.

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